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Mr. Haribabu R

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WealthFox is built on the stark purpose of giving you a peace of mind. With that in mind our chief Mr.Hari Babu began his purposeful career as an independent insurance consultant after completing his BBA and MBA. He became a franchisee of Sharekhan, a leading share broker in India in the year 2008 and also began cross selling health/life insurances. This helped him build a strong customer base. For 5 years he worked as a senior agency manager in a private standalone health insurance company.

Building on this experience he started his own health insurance business in the year 2011. In the same year he also started expanding his business to life and motor insurance. By 2015 he was able to name his business built on his principles as WealthFox. From that day he has worked to provide a financial advice to customers looking for any type of investment. Be it a retirement plan, Child Education plan and in achieving your financial goals, he makes sure you receive the best benefits and quality service in the most sustainable manner possible.

WealthFox offers a Insurances, Mutual Fund and Financial Planning services so that you can choose the most suitable one. Confused? Worry not. As your financial advisor he will help structure and choose the best. In a short span of just a few years he has worked with over 1500 clients and helped settle 750+ claims. Currently he has more than 600 active clients of which 20 are corporates. He handles their group insurance and multi insurance which covers important aspects like liabilities, warehouse and commercial policies. Between April 2016 – March 2017 alone he has finished 108 claims for his clients. So it is safe to say that he is very strong in claims and has good product knowledge.

To back these claims he has multiple awards to showcase. In 2015-16 he was awarded as Sliver club member in Apollo Munich Health Insurance. In 2016-17 he became Zonal club member in Apollo Munich Health Insurance.